Re.2006: A true story


Alessandro Barteletti


IBN Editore




Scott Van Aken

Notes: In both English and Italian

It is not that often when a jaded old-timer like myself comes across a book on a subject like this. I, for one, could not recollect reading anything on the Re.2006. A quick check of the various books on the subject picked up some information on the plane, but aside from a general layout and specs, that was it.

Well, apparently this aircraft was more than just a paper project. A prototype was built, though not flown, all of this happening in the last year of the war in Europe. Apparently there was little real enthusiasm for the project on the German side and the Italians only wanted to keep it going to prevent their folks from being conscripted into service!

As part of the Aviolibri collection, this is the first in the Dossier series. Apparently there will be more on prototype aircraft to come. The book itself is 9 by 6 inches, 128 pages, very well printed and with cardback covers. There is some color included in the modeling and camouflage section. Those photographs used are

 The author, Alessandro Barteletti has spent considerable time tracking down every scrap of paper and every mention of the Re.2006 to come up with what will undoubtedly be the reference on the type. There is a full  background on the aircraft and its similar competitors, initial design work and modifications, and a section on follow-up projects. Full statistics on the type as well as some rather obscure (at least to this reviewer) information on official requirements for fighters that was given to all Italian aircraft manufacturers.

As has become common (at least it seems so) in Italian aviation books like this, there is a section on available models. Included in this section are the plusses and minuses of the various available kits. There is also a build up section and a small section on camouflage and markings.

I found the book quite entertaining and interesting to read. I ran into no difficulties with syntax that sometimes appears in dual language books like this. The author should be commended in providing such a good read. It is even more remarkable considering that there are no known photographs of the Re.2006, though it is quite possible that one will come to light in the future. This does not in any way detract from the book as there are several eye-witness accounts of the aircraft to give a good idea of how the aircraft appeared.

If you have a fascination with prototypes and the 'Luft '46' type of aircraft, well here is a super book on one that almost made it.

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