RAF-in-Combat's Squadrons #25: The Spitfire V - Eagle Squadrons


Phil Listemann




Scott Van Aken

Notes: ISBN: 9791096490226, Available at www.raf-in-combat.com 48 Pages

This edition covers the Spitfire V, the variant of the Spitfire built in greater numbers than any other. The type was the result of the failure of the Spitfire III and resulted in the attachment of the latest and greatest Merlin variant to a Mk I or Mk II airframe. Indeed several hundred Mk V aircraft were produced in this manner though most were new builds.

Since RAFIC tends to focus on aircraft used in small numbers, why the Spitfire V? Well, in this case the book concentrates on those planes used by the Eagle Squadrons which were 71, 133, and 121 Squadrons. The book covers with a bit more brevity than others, the recruiting of these pilots and their operations. It also touches on the conversion of the squadrons to the 4th Fighter Group of the USAAF. Not surprisingly, not all the pilots chose to transfer to the USAAF. The biggest reasons were not money, but the loss of prestige and the more Spartan living conditions of the USAAF.

In addition to the history of the units themselves during this time, we are provided with a look at the development of the Mk V. There are the usual tables of losses and victories as well as some great period photos and more than the usual number of superb full color profiles of aircraft used by these squadrons.

It makes for a superb addition to the series and its reasonable price is one that should appeal to many.

May 2018

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