RAF-in-Combat's Squadrons #23: The Republic Thunderbolt II


Phil Listemann




Scott Van Aken

Notes: ISBN: 9791096490189, Available at www.raf-in-combat.com 68 Pages

One of RAFiC's earliest editions of this series was on the Thunderbolt I, or the razorback P-47D. A rather small number of these planes were received and used by the RAF. The later bubble-top P-47D was provided in much greater numbers and equipped a number of squadrons in the Far East.

Interestingly, the P-47 was to replace the Hurricane and P-40 in all RAF ground attack units in both the Mediterranean and in the Far East. While the RAF did not really want it in Europe, where they Typhoon was doing well, there were not enough Tiffies to go around. By the time the Thunderbolt was made available in numbers, it simply was not needed in the Mediterranean where there was little air to air opposition.

However, it was perfect for the Far East, where the Typhoon was unable to handle the high heat and humidity. The T-bolt did not have issues with overheating in hot climates, had superb range, and had proven itself to be an excellent fighter-bomber, just what was needed in Burma.

This book is like others in the series in that we are provided a brief history of the type along with its operational use during WWII. This means a well researched history of the type's use. In line with others in this series there are some super photos and great full color profiles. The stats section is what you've come to expect from this series, making it a superb reference book and one worth having in your library.

Let me interject that I have found this series of books to be of particular interest. Modelers are always looking or something outside the norm and the Squadron series has produced a lot of interesting types and uses that one does not normally consider. Do yourself a favor. Browse through what's available and I know you'll find something you like.

February 2018

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