Squadrons #17: The Curtiss Mohawk


Phil Listemann


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Scott Van Aken

Notes: ISBN: 9791096490004, Available at www.raf-in-combat.com 50 Pages

One of the more widely used of the 'minor' types that fought in WWII was the Hawk 75A, built for the USAAC as the P-36. The biggest user of this aircraft was France, mostly due to their own aircraft industry's inability to meet the huge orders placed for aircraft prior to WWII. To be frank, the aircraft was pretty successful in French service with captured aircraft being used by Finland the the rest of the undelivered French order being sent to the UK. These were determined to be unusable in the European theater despite the fact they out handled the Hurricane. This was mostly due to the Hurricane having eight rifle caliber machine guns vs the six for the Hawk 75.

However, they were considered fit enough for use in 'lesser' theaters such as East Africa and in India/Burma. In East Africa they were used by the SAAF while in India, two squadrons operated the type for well over a year until mostly replaced by Hurricanes. Interestingly, when both Hurricanes and Mohawks were used for bomber escort, it was the Mohawk with its superior dog-fighting abilities that were used to defend against IJAAF Ki-43s.

This book is like others in the series which takes a look at the various squadrons that flew these types that were not widespread throughout the RAF. We are provided a brief history of the type along with its operational use during WWII. This means a well researched history of the type's use with the various squadrons that flew the plane. In line with others in this series there are some super photos and great full color profiles. The stats section is what you've come to expect from this series, making it a superb reference book and one worth having on hand.

December 2016

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