Messerschmitt Bf-109F, G, & K Series: An illustrated Study
Jochen Prien & Peter Rodeike

Schiffer Publishing 1995, 2nd Edition

If you have any interest at all in the Bf-109, then this book needs to be in your collection. This revised second edition methodically goes through each different variant, listing werke numbers assigned as well as having a superb selection of photographs illustrating each version. In addition there are line drawings showing not only the profiles of the type, but more detailed drawings showing different weapons and equipment fittings.

There are also images from the various handbooks showing placement of components. Also included are the different nose and tail contours of the late war versions. A very nice color section is also included in the back of the book, taken by the crews of the 109.

While mostly an illustrated history, there is enough background information given to let the reader know the major differences between the versions as well as brief descriptions of units in which the aircraft were used. A really superb collection. If  I were to add anything not already in the book, that would be a color profile section. Camouflage schemes are barely touched upon and then only mentioned in general terms (ie; "...aircraft in the usual grey color scheme."). We modelers don't do such a great job of interpreting colors from B&W photos and it would be a real help. Aside from that, it is a superb book. If you don't already own a copy, get one!

Scott Van Aken