Mikoyan's Piston-Engined Fighters


Yeflim Gordon & Keith Dexter




$29.95 from Specialty Press


Scott Van Aken

Notes: 128 pages, 8 x11 inches, softbound
ISBN: 1-85780-160-1

The thirteenth book in the Red Star series, this latest book covers the piston engined fighters of Artyom Mikoyan and his MiG bureau. Understandably, the volume concentrates on the only really successful MiG fighter of the Great Patriotic War, the MiG-1/3 series. It goes on to delve into other designs, of which many were successful, but were already duplicated by other aircraft already in production at the time.

As the Mikoyan Bureau was concentrating on high altitude interceptors, it developed the highly promising I-220/225 series of aircraft. However, the changing war situation (i.e. a lack of enemy bombers) resulted in these projects being cancelled.

Finally, the mixed power I-250, of which a handful were built to help pilots get used to turbine powered aircraft (such as the Soviet's first real jet fighter, the MiG-9). This unusual design also showed promise, but succumbed to all turbojet powered planes and development was shelved.

As usual in the other books of this series, there are well over 200 quality black and white photos as well as several pages of color artwork and the usual excellent line drawings of the various MiG projects and production aircraft.

No Soviet aircraft enthusiast should be without this highly informative volume.

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