Osprey's WWII German Motorized Infantry and Panzergrenadiers


Nigel Thomas, illustrated by Johnny Shumate


Osprey Publishing


$19.00 MSRP


Scott Van Aken

Notes: 64 pages, 7 x 9 inches, softcover
ISBN: 978-1-4728-1943-7

The latest Osprey Elite book is on the gear worn by German soldiers serving in the Motorized Infantry. This name was later changed to Panzergrenadiers to more accurately describe their mission of accompanying and protecting tanks.

In line with other books of this series, it concentrates on the gear worn by these men. This includes the variety of uniforms and patterns as well as their personal firearms and any additional munitions they may have normally carried with them. I have found it amazing while looking through the books in this series that there was such a variety. This seems to be particularly true of the German forces during WWII. To be honest, much of the changes in uniforms and gear was a direct result of experience in combat and of the changing ability to get materials.

The author has decided to divide this edition into four major categories. These comprise Infantry Panzer Divisions from 1935-45; Infantry Light Divisions 1938-43; Infantry in Motorized Infantry Divisions 1937-43; and Infantry in Panzer Grenadier Divisions 1943-45. There is also a very nicely done table that explains rank and the background of the rank tabs worn on collars.

All of this is superbly illustrated with some great period photos. Further enhancement is provided by quite nicely done color illustrations. In all, it helps those who don't live and breathe the subject make sense of what can be a confusing topic. Highly recommended.

May 2017

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