Adventure: Vol 1 - Into the Neverland


James Hood


1st Books




Scott Van Aken

Notes: 378 pages, softbound, 9  x 5 7/8

This isn't going to be your standard MM book review for one thing, this is a work of fiction. Science fiction to be exact. The author has written a book that is, to quote him "...old fashioned adventure in the spirit of Jules Verne..."

What makes this book so interesting to me and probably to you is that much of the hardware used is WWII vintage stuff. Avengers, jeep carriers and Sherman tanks are some of the items. Interested?  Well, let me give you a bit more information. This story takes place in 1972. That is an era that most of us baby boomers can easily relate to. Most of us were young at that time and well aware of what was going on in the world.

A scientist in the UK has developed a machine that allows a look and even travel back into an alternate reality. A secret Open Water Exploration Company is is formed by the backers of this scientist to explore (for profit, naturally) the alternate world that has been discovered. Needless to say, the plot encompasses a variety of interesting people to head and man the operation. The best way to handle such an undertaking is by sea so war surplus ships, aircraft and other equipment are bought. You can see where the carrier comes in.

Of course, not all is exactly as it seems and, as they say, the plot thickens.

This is what I'd call a real page turner. Once I picked it up and started to read, I had a great deal of difficulty putting it down to do such mundane things as eat, sleep and run the website. Whenever I had a free moment I eagerly returned to its pages.

The author has done the book in a style of many short chapters and each one of them from the first person point of view of a specific individual. It is truly a captivating way to write. There wasn't a dull moment anywhere in the book and surprises kept turning up when they were least expected.

To my knowledge the only place to pick up this book is at 1st Books. It is a book that I give my highest recommendation,  and once you start to read it, you'll understand exactly why.

Review book courtesy of 1st Books and James Hood.

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