Scale Model Handbook: WWII Special #3


Stelios Demiras


Mr Black Publications


24,95 Euros


Scott Van Aken

Notes: ISSN: 2459-3311, softcover, 80 pages, full color

It is nice to see another volume of this series of WWII specials. There are 12 articles provided in this edition, about half of them two or three page shorties. However, all of the diorama articles are very complete and intensive, which is a real plus for those who really want to hone their skills on the subject.

It is probably not all that surprising that most of these articles cover German soldiers. For some reason, these tend to be subjects most modeled. However there is a nice bust of a British soldier at Dunkird, another of a French foreign legion soldier, a pair of Russian soldiers and the diorama with the Sherman has mostly Americans as the subject. A winter diorama includes Russians as well.

Since the dioramas are what make up most of the major articles, I'll provide a bit on those. First is called The Road to Amiens. This features a Sherman and its crew as well as the tank riders outside a French farmhouse that contains a surprise. A lot of great scratchbuilding goes on with this one and I know you'll find the information useful.

Next is Operation Konrad, Budapest 1945. This consists of German soldiers inside a ruined house. Again, there is a goodly amount of scratchbuilding as well as quite a bit of aftermarket in terms of rubble and other debris. It is very well done.

Leningrad 1941-44 is the diorama with a German patrol on one side of a wall and a Russian patrol on the other. This is very well executed and does what all dioramas should; tells a story.

There are also several in-depth articles on large scale figures that are well worth reading as the painting information they provide should help those who seek to improve their figure painting skills.

As usual a superb volume that the WWII figure modeler will find both a fascinating read and a great inspiration .

Thanks to Mr Black Publications for the review book. You can get this book at this link.

February 2018  

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