Scale Model Handbook: Theme Collection #6


Stelios Demiras


Mr Black Publications


24,95 Euros


Scott Van Aken

Notes: ISSN: 2653-8636, softcover, 82 pages, full color

This is the sixth of SMH's themed figure books and is a compilation of previously published articles that fits into a specific theme. This one is on WWII Allied forces. This one is a bit different from most as it includes the building of something other than figures. As a note, the article sequence is not the same as the images on the cover

There are 18 articles in this edition, a number of them are short two or three page offerings. The rest are the type you'd expect from this series with information on painting along with the materials used during their construction. So here is what you'll find here (not in the order of what's on the cover).

US M3 Stuart 'Honey' in 50mm.

Young Desert Warrior in 180mm

General Sir Bernard Law Montgomery in 120mm

BAR Gunner, US, 29th Infantry Division in 120mm

28th Maori Battalion 1941-43 in 300mm

'The Cannon' in 50mm

Soviet Naval Infantry 'The lack Devil' in 180mm

British 8th Army in North Africa in 50mm

'Snow' and 'Kiwi', a New Zealand Battle of Britain Duo in 180mm

WWII Soviet Female Tanker in 180mm

WWII US Infantry Officer 1944 in 50 mm

'Hell on Wheels', 2nd US Armored Division 180mm

US 101 Airborne Division Paratrooper 120mm

War Daddy - WWII US Tank Commander in 120mm

WWII British SAS Trooper in 120mm

Australian 'Digger', Kondura Trail 1942 in 180mm

US Paratrooper, 82nd Airborne Division in 180mm

Russian Cossack in 180mm

So there you have it. Eighteen very well done articles and the usual superlative photography that one has come to expect from Mr. Black. You probably noticed that a fair number of these are busts while the rest are full figures. I am sure you will learn something from this compilation. I always do. Well worth picking up.

Thanks to Mr Black Publications for the review book. You can get this book at this link.

March 2020

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