US Marine Corps Aircraft since 1913


E.R. Johnson




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Scott Van Aken

Notes: ISBN: 978-1-4766-6347-0, Softcover, 590 pages, hundreds of photos and illustrations.

The USMC has been a service that has, at times, almost disappeared as politicians wrestled with the thought that perhaps they were not needed and that the money for the service could be better spent elsewhere. This was especially the case after WWI, but involved Corps leadership was able to convince congress that the service was not only worth the money, but much more useful than any of the other services in dealing with situations prominent during these years.

It did not take the USMC long to realize that aircraft were a valuable addition to the service in terms of how they were able to enhance the mission. In addition to scouting and supporting ground troops, it could also quickly evacuate seriously wounded men and bring in reinforcements in terms of light equipment much faster than ground transportation.

For the most part, Marine aviation has been a service that has had little major input as to exactly what equipment in terms of aircraft, that they would be using. Often it was provided aircraft as an afterthought or even required to use those that had already been determined to be obsolescent by the Navy.

It was WWII and Korea that pretty much changed that. It was during these conflicts that the USMC was able to have input as to what sort of aircraft were best suited to their mission. This became even more the case during Vietnam  and eventually, there were aircraft built specifically for the needs of the Corps. The Harrier and A-4M Skyhawk are primary examples, though there are others.

In this book, E.R. Johson covers every aircraft used or even tested by Marine aviation. Thanks to the excellent three-view line drawings of Lloyd S. Jones and a superb selection of period photos, we now have, under one volume, a full history of the aircraft operated by the Marine Corps. It is not a quick read but you will be truly impressed at the depth of the information and the vast number of unusual types that fall within the scope of the book.

This, like their previous volumes are 'must have' books that are sure to be referenced over and over again. Well worth the cover price and one you very much need to have on your shelves.

May 2018

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