Mitsubishi A6M Zero


Artur Juszczak


Mushroom Model Publications




Scott Van Aken


If you have read any of the previous reviews of Mushroom Models books, then you know how well written and well researched they are. This edition carries on that tradition to the A6M Zero. Now unlike the Bf-109, the Zero did not go through the staggering number of variations of the German plane. Yet there are enough differences between the various types to make a book like this quite worth while.

As in previous editions, there are diagrams showing the salient features of each sub-type so that you can easily determine which is which. What makes the book particularly valuable are the huge number of close in photographs of various Zeros in museums around the world. You wouldn't think that there would be many left, but there are. Those aircraft photographs will be of immense value to the modeler who wants to make sure that they have everything just right.

In addition to the drawings and photographs, there are a goodly number of profiles of the various versions, though most of the profiles tend to be for early-mid war Zeros. Undoubtedly this is because after that they tended to become basically green over grey and all the interesting stuff was done mid-war in relation to camouflage.

This is a very worthwhile book for the Zero enthusiast and modeler and is highly recommended as are all of the Mushroom Model books.

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