Messerschmitt Bf-109E


Robert Peczkowski


Mushroom Models Publications


Scott Van Aken


# 6102

From  Mushroom Model Publications comes one of a series of special books. Others in the series are/will focus on events or personalities. This one focuses on the equipment; specifically the Bf-109E. Now those that know me are aware that I am a dyed-in-the-wool 109 nut. I like everything about the aircraft and eagerly read up on anything I find of interest about the aircraft. It was with much delight when I opened up a parcel from Mushroom Model Publications and found this book in it.

The book is approximately the same size as the Osprey publications and contains 80 pages of photos and drawings. There are also a large number of color profiles and color photos of various museum and warbird 109Es to help illustrate the book. All of the images and drawings are very sharp and well done. A large number of illustrations are taken out of a maintenance handbook to help to show the differences between the sub types.

The author states in the opening section that this book is not a detailed history, nor does it go into depth on technical descriptions or have any war stories. The purpose of this book is to show " the Bf-109E changed during production, and how to recognize different variants....". In that, the book is spot on and succeeds admirably at its task.

The book is broken down as such:

The profiles in particular are very well done, with only two to a page so they are really quite large.

I can't say enough about how truly helpful this book will be to those modeling the Bf-109E. If you are just interesting the aircraft and want to know the differences between the subtypes, this is a nice, easy reference. If you are a superdetailer kind of modeler, you will find this indispensable.

In case you cannot already guess, this book is highly recommended!

Please visit Mushroom Models Publications at their website listed below if you cannot find them locally.

Many thanks to Mushroom Model Publications for providing the review copy. Your support is appreciated.

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