Kosciuszko Squadron 1919-1921


Tomasz Kopanski & Zygmut Kozak


Mushroom Model Publications




Scott Van Aken


Once more, Mushroom Models Publications has produced an excellent book, and one that is about a relatively little-known conflict. After WWI, Poland returned to its national status after well over 100 years of occupation. During this time, it was threatened by the Bolsheviks in Russia who were seeking to expand their territory following the chaos of the end of WWI. It was during this time that a number of American fliers sought to volunteer their services to Poland to help fight this threat.

In 1919, they joined in with the 7th Polish-American Squadron (Kosciusko), flying Albatros D.III and Ansaldo Ballila fighters. There they were successful in their fight against the Bolsheviks in combat until a peace treaty was signed in 1921.

I have to tell you that I found this book to be fascinating. Not only is it a story of a portion of the Polish-Soviet war that few have heard of, but it also covers the combat use of several interesting aircraft types. Profusely illustrated with period photographs, it not only covers the war, but tells the story of several of its pilots and their adventures. There is also a section on the American Monument at Lwow and its subsequent destruction by the Russians.

As with all of Mushroom Models books, there's an extensive number of profiles of the aircraft used as well as support bibliographies where one can learn more. A truly interesting book and one that I know you'll enjoy reading.

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Many thanks to Mushroom Model Publications for providing the review copy.

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