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Fairey Gannet in RAN Service


Zbigniew Patynowski


Mushroom Models Publications


24.99  MSRP


Scott Van Aken

Notes: #9103   ISBN 978-83-89450-57-9

Once again, Mushroom Models Publications has produced a book that is the finest on the subject yet produced. This is the story of the Fairey Gannet in service with the Royal Australian Navy during its brief operational period from 1956 when the first planes were delivered for training in Northern Ireland, to their last operational sortie in 1967, after which they were relegated, for the most part, to fire fighter training.

The author has chosen to tell this story from the perspective of those who flew and maintained the aircraft, a rather unique way of giving an aircraft's operational history. A method that to me, makes this book all the more enjoyable a read, for nothing can provide better information than first-hand accounts.

No part of the service life of the Australian Gannet goes untouched. There is the initial training in the chilly climes of winter in the British Isles, operational readiness aboard RN carriers, the long and pleasant trip to Australia aboard the HMAS Melbourne, and finally to a decade of dedicated service and many interesting cruises.

The third book in the white series is by no means a short read with 248 pages just jammed with information, humor, and some excitement as well. All of this is superbly illustrated with period photographs, the majority of which have never seen print. There are also excellent large size profiles of most of the aircraft at some time in their service. It is a superlative book on the subject and one that once you start reading, you'll have great difficulty putting down. I know I read late into the night on several occasions! Highly recommended.

July 2008

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