Stratus/Mushroom Model Publications' Operation Dynamo Coloring Book


Dariusz Grzywacz


Stratus/Mushroom Models Publications




Scott Van Aken

Notes: ISBN 978-83-65281-60-9, 32 pages

I have to confess that I thought I'd seen everything in terms of military books, but this is a new one. Actually, it is a pretty neat idea and great for folks of all ages. It is, indeed, a coloring book. Each page has a photo of a vehicle of some sort that participated in the Dunkirk battle. With this photo, there is a brief description of whatever it is along with specifications.

The book is designed to be used in a landscape format so the photos are quite large. The opposite page 'beneath' the photo is a very nicely done line drawing of the subject in question. It is then up to the budding artist to use the medium of their choice to color it in. Now personally I wouldn't use oils or watercolors on this, but it would be perfect for pencils or even crayons. Markers may well bleed through so we wouldn't want that and while pastel chalk may be a bit messy, it is a viable option.

With the preponderance of multiple color crayon or pencil sets that you can get at any art store, that would be my choice. Whether for yourself or someone else in the family this would be a neat thing to have on a rainy day.

October 2017

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