MMP Camouflage and Decals 48-002: Bf-109 (late war)
Author: Artur Juszczak
Publisher Mushroom Model Publications
Price 12.99
Reviewer: Scott Van Aken
Notes: 8 pages, 13.5 x 10 inches
ISBN 978-83-61421-54-2

For their second decal endeavour, MMP has chosen the Bf-109. The set includes markings in both 1/48 and 1/72 for three late war aircraft, all a bit different. This set is listed as a book for inside are four heavy quality, glossy pages, printed on both sides. Each of the aircraft on the decal sheet has a framable profile on one side with a history of the aircraft, markings information, plan views and the other side profile on the back side.

The first option is a Hungarian Bf-109G-10/U4 from April 1945. This aircraft is in RLM 82/75/76 with sectionso f unpainted metal on the wing undersides. This plane has a wide wheel fairings on the upper wing and the short tail wheel. Perfect for the Revell kit, though I'm sure most will pick the Hasegawa version in 1/48.

Next is a frequently photographed Bf-109G-10/U4/R2 from May 1945. This aircraft is in a variety of colors with the fuselage, wings, fin, and cowling in different shades, including RLM 84 for the fuselage undersides. For tactical markings, there is a yellow rudder, yellow lower fuselage band and yellow forward nose section. This G-10 also has the wide wheel fairings.

The third option is a Bf-109G-14/AS of 13./JG 53 in December 1944. This one is in RLM 81/82/84. Underside of the wings save for the tips, ailerons and flaps is in unpainted metal with the other bits in RLM 76. Tall tail wheel on this with the more rounded rudder. No blanking plate for the tail wheel so that area will need to be opened up on some kits. This pilot was brought down by flak during Operation Bodenplatte and shot dead as he climbed out of his crash landed aircraft by US troops.

In addition to the painting and markings cards, there is a fourth one that has stencil placement. Stencils are provided for all of the options. The other side of the card has a color matching section as well as all the different rudders used by late war 109s. Each of the RLM colors shown includes an FS 595 equivalent. The decal sheet itself is superbly printed by Techmod.

In all, an outstanding set for late war 109s and a superb second addition to what I hope will be a growing series.

October 2011

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