MMP Camouflage and Decals 32-001: Poles in the French Air Force
Author: Barłomiej Belcarz & Theodor Liviu Morosanu
Publisher Mushroom Model Publications
Price 12.99
Reviewer: Scott Van Aken
Notes: 16 pages, 13.5 x 10 inches
ISBN 978-83-61421-22-1

As you may recall, Mushroom Models Publications has done a number of books either on the Polish Air Force in WWII or on planes or units that have been flown by Polish pilots. This book/decal sheet covers three of those aircraft. The majority of photos of the aircraft covered on the sheet were photographed after the Germans had overrun the bases on which the planes were found and so many of the photos are of the aircraft in some level of disarray. However, there are enough photos to cover the aircraft quite well enough to do an accurate set of markings for them.

This book covers three French Air Force planes that were so documented. This particular sheet is 1/32, but a 1/48 version is also available, the only difference being the size of the sheet and the color of the cover of the book (blue for 1/48 and red for 1/32). The contents of the book are the same for both. These aircraft were all flown by PAF pilots during the Battle for France in 1940.

Each of the aircraft  in question has a full write-up on the markings carried by the aircraft, information on its construction number, serial, unit codes and the like. There is also a write-up on the pilot of the aircraft and, of course, a lot of photographs and superlative and quite large four views of each aircraft along with a color chart. The side profiles are huge taking up most of the 13.5 inch landscape format provided with each page. Due to the size of the profiles, I cannot scan them to show you the three markings options, but you can get a good idea of what's available from the small image above.

The three aircraft covered are an Caudron CR.714 from GC 1/145 'Varsovie', a Morane-Saulnier MS.406 of DIAP at Lyon Bron (Polish training squadron) and a Curtiss Hawk H-75A-2 of GC 1/5.

The decal sheet itself is superbly printed by Techmod and has all of the markings and insignia for all three planes. The rudder stripes will need to be painted, at least on the 1/32 sheet. For kits, MPM/Special Hobby/Azure have kit already on the market or on the way for this sheet.

I have a Hawk 75 and MS.406 set aside for this sheet so you know that these will be put to good use. The CR.714 is listed as on its way so it should be released soon.

It is an excellent way to provide an interesting book along with an equally superb set of markings for the modeler. I hope that MMP does well with this idea and produces more like it. As a final note, the decals are not available separately.

October 2010

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