MMP Books' Camera On #17: SdKfz 7 Vol.2
Author: Alan Ranger
Publisher Mushroom Model Publications
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Reviewer: Scott Van Aken
Notes: 80 pages, paperback
ISBN 978-83-65958-52-5

MMP Books has done a series of photo essays in the 'Camera On' series. The subjects are often military vehicles of WWII and this one continues with the SdKfz 7 halftrack.

The SdKfz 7 was one of a series of prime movers and in this case an 8 ton vehicle originally designed to pull the 88mm Flak gun and large artillery pieces. It had uncomfortable seats for 12, which were often the crew of whatever they were pulling along with storage spaces for various pieces of equipment. As the war progressed, it was often converted into a mobile Flack truck carrying multiple 20mm guns or a 37mm gun along with its mount on the bed of the truck. It was also widely used to pull other vehicles out of ditches and in very muddy conditions, it would not be unusual to see this vehicle towing a number of trucks through the morass.

This volume continues pretty much where the other one left off. It not only has images of the vehicle in various situations, but this edition covers those used as flak trucks of various calibres.

Make no mistake, this is a photo book pure and simple. Any information on the vehicle is provided in a short introduction and through the captions of the many photos in the book. This sort of thing is a boon to modelers and enthusiasts alike. It is a welcome addition to this series and I hope that we see more of the like in the future. Well worth picking up.

June 2020

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