MMP Books' Bf-109 Late Versions: Camouflage and Markings


Krzystof W. Wołowski


MMP Books




Scott Van Aken

Notes: White (Rainbow) series 9110, 112 pages, A4 Format

Many modelers have a fascination for camouflage and markings schemes and none is more debated and more interesting that those applied to late WWII Luftwaffe fighters. In particular the Bf-109. The aircraft was built at four different factories and each provided their own touches in terms of equipment, the colors used in the camouflage, and the way they painted the camouflage on the aircraft.

The new book from MMP Books helps to clarify much of this all under one cover. The book concentrates on the camouflage schemes used by the late mark 109s and also covers the differences in the variants.

The book opens with the development of the DB 605 engine that powered the late war aircraft. This is important as it is as much the engine used as anything that caused a change to the engine cowling (or not) on these aircraft. Next, the development of the tall tail and rudder is covered. There are no fewer than nine different variations on this section and they are all fully explained as to their differences. Next, the colors used. Late war Luftwaffe colors can be difficult to pin down and include RLM 77 and RLM 84, two shades that are rarely provided by model paint manufacturers, but are shades that, official or not, were widely used late in the war. A table is provided to give an idea of how these shades appeared.

The major portion of the book covers the different 109 versions and the camouflage schemes used. Starting with the 109G-5/AS and continuing through to the 109K-4, each version has a description of the airframe, some period photos of these planes and large, full color profiles and top views of a selection of aircraft. Some of these profiles are from photos in the book while others are based on information from the various references. I appreciate the large reference section in this as there has been a lot of information provided in the last decade or so that has helped to further pin down some aircraft types and colors, helping to revise some of the older data from previous published sources.

In all, it is a superb book and one that you simply must have, especially if your interest is in late war 109 camouflage or Luftwaffe camouflage in general. It is the type of book that has modelers reaching for the shelves in order to build what are some of the more interesting aircraft to come from WWII. A book that I can quite easily give my highest recommendation.

October 2010

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