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Notes: #6143, 160 pages, Softcover, ISBN 978-83-65958-39-6

The Mustang was originally built for the British. It was also initially powered by an Alison V-1710 engine, which gave the plane outstanding performance at fairly low levels but above 15,000 feet, it was a very poor performer. This relegated the aircraft to the Tactical Reconnaissance role where it excelled. The British decided to install a Merlin engine that would operate at higher altitude and built a number of prototypes they called the Mustang X.

While not the cleanest looking aircraft, it was a major improvement and provided the aircraft with the sort of high altitude performance that was needed in the European theater. Word got around and after allowing some American pilots to fly the plane, one thing led to another and the North American Aviation plant designed the next Mustang version to include the Merlin engine. Fortunately, these engines were being built in the US by Packard to use in various British bombers so the engines were available for the next generation Mustang. As you have read elsewhere, these planes were a game changer in terms of bomber escorts.

There is so much to write about in regards to the P-51B/C and F-6C that Mushroom Models decided to come out with a large format book on the types. In line with the series, there are a lot of superb photos, many in color, as well as some superbly drawn four views. In it, you will find the full story of the design, development and use of the aircraft. This includes a lot of large photos of all early versions in use in various theaters of operation. I saw quite a few old favorites in there and I'm sure you will as well. There are a goodly number of survivors and because of that, the detail section is quite large, with a combination of period images, tech manual drawings and full color photos of extant airframes. I was actually rather surprised at the number of B/C versions that are warbirds as I didn't think there were that many surviving flyable airframes. The book also includes scale drawings in 1/72 covering the different variations. There are also the usual pages of large color profiles of some of the more interesting schemes.

It is a superb work and only adds to the superlative collection of monographs that have been published by Mushroom Models over the years. Mustang fans are going to want this one in their reference collection. Highly recommended.

August 2019

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