Luftwaffe '46 Collector's Cards: Series 1


 Dan Johnson


Luft '46.com




Scott Van Aken


Once again the fertile minds at Luft46.com have come through with something interesting. These are collectors cards and portray 16 different Luft '46 aircraft. On one side is a beautiful computer rendered scene, and on the back is a three-view with stats on the aircraft in question. The size of the cards are 3.5 x 2.5 inches (89 x 64 mm) and have smooth cut edges. They come in a handy hard plastic case.

The sample image does not do these cards justice as the printing is really first rate. Hopefully these will do well and we will get the chance to see more of these produced.

 You can only get it direct from the link below.

Thanks to the folks at Luft '46 for the review copy.

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