Luftwaffe Gallery: JG 54 Special Album


Erik Mombeek and Maciej Góralczyk


ASBL Publishers 2017


Around 18 Euros


Scott Van Aken

Notes: ISBN 978-2-930546-19-3

To those of us with an interest in the Luftwaffe, Erik Mombeek is a name we know well. This is his latest book on the subject and the most recent in his Luftwaffe Gallery series.

The book concentrates on JG 54, a unit that operated from day one of the war until the end. Typical of most Luftwaffe fighter units, it had portions of it spread out wherever it was needed. Most of their success came on the Eastern Front, though they also fought in the north and in Europe.

This is mostly a photo book and the landscape format chosen is perfect for this type of book. It means large and easy to see images. Typical of the series, there are a few favorites and a goodly number of photographs published here for the first time. But it is not just a nice book of photographs. There are first hand accounts from the pilots of the unit that are printed here in English for the first time. To many of us, it is this sort of addition to these books that really adds to the experience.

Of course, we cannot forget the superlative full color profiles that are all throughout the book. These profiles are based on photographs of the plane being featured and are a real boon to the modeler who wishes to duplicate the camouflage scheme. I dare say that there is no Luftwaffe modeler that is not inspired by these sorts of features. I know I am.

In all, it makes for a superb book and one that I highly recommend, along with others in this series.

March 2018

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