Me-109 Part 2


Robert Michulec


AJ Press




Scott Van Aken

Notes: In  English

This is the second volume of at least four that are to be done by AJ Press. The third one in English is due out soon and part four is upcoming in Polish.

Like the first part reviewed earlier, it is a combination of historical section, drawings and profiles. Again, it was translated by those for whom English is not their first language and so there are some interesting uses of syntax, but it is not a problem and you'll soon find yourself immersed in reading the book.

The author covers quite a bit of ground with this edition, going from the F models through to the final 109 variant, the K. Again, I was introduced to  information that I had not known before, some of which will take a bit of time for me to fully accept. But that is the way it is with newer books based on research that wasn't or couldn't be done in earlier years. On a personal note, the author went to great lengths in part 1 to explain why he doesn't use the term 'Bf' when referring to the 109. I found it quite refreshing that there is a photograph of a109F with a form fitting tarp that is plainly stenciled 'Bf-109 W. Nr 8195'' and not 'Me-109'!

Historical background takes up a full 60 pages of this 120 page book. It is well illustrated with period photographs, some of them old friends, but most of them were new to me. All were well chosen to illustrate the version or variant under discussion.  Unlike part one, the drawings section is all in 1/48 scale. Not surprising due to the huge number of 109G variants. And you'll find them all in there, including prototypes and test aircraft for the Me-309, a 109 with a 'V' tail, those with wing rocket launchers and others. Strangely missing from among all those drawings are any of the 109K, but perhaps those are being saved for the next book in the series.

As always, there are superb profiles by Ardakusz Wrobel that encompass the final 18 pages of the book. Included in those pages are some upper surface paintings that will be most helpful to modelers and 109 enthusiasts alike.

Is this a book you should have on your shelves. Most definitely. Whether you are a die-hard 109 enthusiast, one who likes Luftwaffe subjects or just an aviation fan, the combination of historical section, three-view drawings and color profile artwork is one that fills the bill. Highly recommended.

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