Kagero's Messerschmitt Bf-110 part 1


Maciej Noszczak






Scott Van Aken

Notes: Top Drawings #57.
ISBN 978-83-65437-99-0

Plans have become a staple amongst modelers and enthusiasts over the last decade or so. Kagero has been on company that has embraced this trend with a now rather extensive catalog of books that focus on this aspect of the hobby.

This particular book is part of their Top Drawings series that has become very popular with modelers. The subject this time around is the early variants of the Bf-110. This aircraft is one that was not a huge success in its intended role as a heavy fighter, but turned into a 'jack of all trades' type of aircraft. Such was its success in other than intended roles that it was operational until the end of the war.

The majority of the plans, starting with the prototype and working through the D series, are in 1/48 scale. This include a huge foldout provided in the center of the book. A portion of the book has differences between variants and that is in 1/72 scale. Kagero also provides eight large, full color profiles, a very welcome incentive to go out and build a kit. Canopy masks (not shown) for 1/72 and 1/48 Eduard C/D kits are also provided.  All of the text is in both Polish and English.

If you are a fan of plans, and many are, this would be a very good one to add to your collection.

May 2019

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