Kagero's TopDrawings #52: Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate


Maciej Noszczak






Scott Van Aken

Notes: #7052. ISBN 978-83-65437-74-7

There are modelers who will not build a kit unless they have plans. They want to know just exactly where every bit and piece on the subject is located and how it looks in place.

For these folks, Kagero has its TopDrawings series. This particular edition covers the Ki-84 Hayate. As you would expect, most of the book consists of line drawings, and in fact, you are provided with two huge additional fold-outs as these drawings would be too large to fit within the already good sized covers.

In the book, we have drawings in 1/48 scale taking up most of the pages. These provide details of all the variants of this aircraft. In addition, there are 1/72 drawings and a couple of pages that highlight the differences between variants, a feature I find quite handy. I mentioned some large fold outs. These cover the 1/32 drawings and the upper and lower plan views in 1/48 scale. In addition, there are four pages of full color profiles provided in landscape format to cover eight planes.

A short history section is in the first page of the book and the rest are all drawings or artwork. As a bonus, you are provided a set of canopy masks in 1/48 and 1/32 (not shown as all you'd see is a black rectangle).

A superb collection for the dedicated modeler or those who just like plans.

October 2018

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