Messerschmitt Bf-109G/K vol 1


Jakub Plewka




$24.95 ($22.46 at Squadron)


Scott Van Aken

Notes: Monographs # 19. ISBN 83-89088-77-0


I bet you thought that there was so much already written about the 109 that there was nothing new to say. Well, I doubt that will ever be the case and here is another book on the subject for you. It is #19 in Kagero's very popular monograph series and as is so typical with an initial volume of many, this one concentrates on describing the type and providing all the differences that go into the variants. Things are pretty straight-forward with the 109G until one gets into the G-6 and beyond. There, things can get a bit fuzzy as there are G-6s which are indistinguishable from G-14 and then there are those planes that have been reworked from earlier versions. Mix in that there were several factories producing Bf-109s, each with some minor differences in equipment mix and painting styles and you have what has made the 109 such a fascinating subject for many for so long.

This book does a good job of helping to straighten things out for many of us. While I learned very little that was new, I found it nice that the author has gone away from stating that 109G-10 production was all reconditioned airframes, as I've read in many earlier books. This time there is the commentary on the production of the type and the differences between Messerschmitt and Erla built machines.

There are the usual charts matching serials with types and where they were built, as well as the usual excellent three views of the different versions. In addition, one has a section that highlights the external changes between variants; a real boon to those who are a bit fuzzy on what difference there is in a late G-2 and early G-4. The final section is devoted to large color profiles and color three views. As usual with a Kagero book there is an insert. This time a decal sheet for yellow 6 that is shown on the front cover art work and back cover three views. It is provided in the three major scales and a full stencil suite is also on the sheet.

Overall, this is a very good book. 109 fans will have to have it to add to their collections and those who'd like the confusion over sub-types to be clarified will find this one most useful. I can highly recommend this one.

November 2005

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