Miroslaw Zelechowski and Jakub Plewka




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Scott Van Aken

Notes: #11004. ISBN 83-89088-68-1

For the fourth edition of 'TopShots', Kagero has chosen the ever-popular Bf-109G-6. In this case the subject aircraft was photographed during reconstruction as well as having a few shots in situ at the Aviation Museum in Cracow. This aircraft has a rather unusual history. It was part of a combat training unit, JGr West and based in Jaworze Poland during May of 1944. This particular aircraft was brand new with only a few hours on it when taken up by a 24 year old pilot, who stalled the plane and crashed it into a nearby lake. In 1999 the aircraft was pulled from the lake and restoration began.

The aircraft in these photos is not totally complete, missing wiring and instruments and engine supercharger/accessories and a few other bits and pieces. However, all the main structural parts of the airframe are there, and having all the various wiring and plumbing not installed does offer an opportunity for an uncluttered view of the airframe. For the detail modeler, this is sometimes something that is desired so in this regard, the book is somewhat unique.

Kagero has championed the inclusion of decal sheets in detail books and this one includes markings for four aircraft in the three major scales; 1/72, 1/48 and 1/32. Typically, they consist only of unique markings. Two aircraft, the main subject, Red 3, and White 9 from II./JG 77 are covered with profiles on the back of the book. The other two markings for White 4 and 8 are nowhere to be seen. This is most unusual and I'm not really sure why these were included if there are no reference profiles. Perhaps Kagero should think this through as I'd just as soon have a page with the two additional profiles rather than a page with somewhat repetitive images of the overall main subject aircraft.

For those of you who do not have any detail books on the Bf-109G-6, then this one would be a good choice for your first detail book. The lack of a 100% complete airframe does diminish its usefulness for some, but the ability to see clearly into otherwise hidden parts of the aircraft will be a plus for others.

July 2005

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