Kagero's Panzer IV ausf H/J Part 1


Lukasz Gladysiak




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Scott Van Aken

Notes: 112 pages, softbound, 8.3 x 11.7 inches,
ISBN: 978-83-64596-85-8

The Panzer IV was, at the time of initial operational service, to be the main battle tank for the German Army. This basically meant it was to be used as much for infantry support, if not more, than as a tank killer. Indeed, it was unable to do much against the French Char Bis and the British Matilda, which had far too thick an armor for the guns used in the early Panzer IV. Operational service showed that the Panzer IV's own armor was insufficient to combat the hits of some Allied anti-tank guns.

As is always the case with tanks during this time, it was a constant effort to stay one step ahead of the enemy. When it came to German armor, while new tanks were developed, for the most part, what was reliable, such as the Panzer IV, was upgraded with guns, armor and other equipment so that the flow to the front lines from factories was not interrupted.

This book is one of the latest in the Photosniper series and is the first of two parts covering the last incarnations of the Panzer IV, the H and J.

The author starts us off by providing a nice history on the development of the Panzer IV as well as the changes made in the subsequent variations on the theme. We then get to a substantial look at the various systems and physical aspects of these tanks. All the while, we are treated to some great period photos of these tanks. This is followed by a look at parts of these tanks in a series of full color photos of extant vehicles. The last and largest portion of the book consists of 3D artwork of both the overall vehicle and details. This makes the book a real boon for enthusiasts and modelers alike as we can see how these components were situated in clear images. Often museum vehicles are missing bits and pieces so are not as complete a representation as we might like.

Overall, it makes for an excellent reference and is one that any fan of German WWII armor is going to want on his shelves.

May 2017

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