Mach 2: D-558 and X-2


James Duffy




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Scott Van Aken

Notes: DVD

This latest title from rocket.aero is on the first research aircraft to go faster than Mach 2 and Mach 3, the D.558 series and the Bell X-2.

The X-2 is one of my top ten favorite aircraft and so I was delighted to be able to view this one. There is over 225 minutes of footage on this DVD, most of which is on the X-2. Apparently the USAF and Bell expended considerable time recording the various flights and preparations for the X-2. It also helps that a movie "Toward the Unknown" has the X-2 as one of the main characters.

There is little that is missed on the X-2 during its 20 flights including color footage that one rarely sees from this time period. It includes the application of the heat sensitive paints used during most flights. One can see the way the airframe was modified during its life and also the sort of abuse the finish took when flying at high mach numbers. Included in this section is a nice movie presentation done by Bell on the project.

The D.558 series isn't quite as well documented, for some reason. There is good footage of the turbojet powered D.558-I and early flights of the D.558-II, including the rollout of the latter aircraft.

There is also a modeler's notes soundtrack and a number of nice stills taken from the various films or from NACA/NASA/USAF archives as well as the popular 'more'.

Overall, this is an outstanding DVD. It has very good repeat watching value and is a superb reference for modelers. Especially now that there are quality kits of these aircraft available. It is something I most highly recommend.

January 2008

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