Aero Research's Military Aircraft Insignia 1912-2016


Jay Sherlock


Aero Research Co


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Back when I was in the service, one could usually locate a set of flash cards produced by the Navy that had current national insignia on them. They were neat items to have around and I may well still have it somewhere.

This is pretty much an expanded version of that. It covers insignia from 227 countries and totals well over 600 entries as some nations have gone through changes in their insignia. These are listed alphabetically and there are a dozen per page.

This is available as a ring-bound book, a CD with the images in pdf format or a downloadable version, also in pdf. It is this latter one which I am reviewing. I like the download option as you pay no shipping. This makes it especially desirable for those outside the US who might like it as international shipping outside the US can be onerous.

I have included a sample from the beginning of the book and have concentrated on Afghanistan. As you can see, they have had 12 changes in their insignia over the years, so provides an excellent example of the sort of information that the book provides to you.

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Thanks to Aero Research for the review  book.

March 2020

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