Aero Research's Modeler's Guide to Aftermarket Aircraft Decals


Jay Sherlock


Aero Research Co


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Scott Van Aken

Notes: 861 pages. PDF format

Many of you know of Aero Research through their excellent aircraft photo CDs. They also have a series of Modeler's Guides and this is the latest edition. It is on an extensive subject; aircraft decals. Now, there are two ways to provide a guide like this. One is to list things by type and the other is to list them by manufacturer. Aero Research has chosen to do this by manufacturer, which to me is not only the most reasonable way to do things, but also allows for upgrading.

The CD is in .pdf format and covers a whopping 861 pages. It is laid out with the manufacturer's name, the country of origin, whether the company is still in business along with some additional information that may be useful.

Then it is listed by scale starting with the first sheet in that scale. The full sheet number is provided along with the subject of that sheet. Now you may well think that there should be images of each sheet, but realistically, that is simply not possible without increasing the number of pages to a level that would simply make publishing it all impossible. However, the reference is sprinkled with a few examples to keep it a bit interesting. I have included a sample page so you can get a good ideal of how things are arranged.

I think that it will prove to be a very useful resource, not only for those who are collectors but also those wondering just what has been produced.

As a note, you can get this on a USB drive by request.

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Thanks to Aero Research for the review  book.

January 2018

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