Aero Research's Modeler's Guide to the Skyraider
Revised edition


Jay Sherlock


Aero Research Co


$21.95  plus S&H from


Scott Van Aken

Notes: Ring bound, ISBN 978-0-9851154-4, 120 pages

Many of you know of Aero Research through their excellent aircraft photo CDs. This is a revised edition of their first venture into resources for the modeler. In the five years since the initial book has been released, there have been quite a few additions for the modeling world when it comes to the Skyraider. This includes not only new kits, but new references and new accessories/aftermarket items.

In an effort to keep things as current as possible, this edition adds several new pages and many new images. Over 70% of the photos are new to this edition and many of them are in full color.

This is not a history of the aircraft, per se, nor a markings guide as there are several other books that will cover this. What it is are a series of drawings of all all 35 different Skyraider variants, showing the salient features of each type as well as what may need to be done to modify the recommended kit to match this version.

Pretty neat stuff, eh?

The book includes a full rundown on all the available kits in the  major scales. It also chooses the best in each scale. Each of the kit reviews states what is correct and what is deficient in each offering. Not surprisingly, there is no perfect kit, though some are quite close. All these subtleties are provided for what the author calls the 'engineer' modeler, which I guess is a lot nicer term than what many call these folks!

I've included a single page of one aircraft to give you an idea of how things are organized. What this shows is a profile of the aircraft and those salient features that may need to be changed. Green areas are optional items that have been seen on some aircraft. Background stats are also provided.

In all, it really is an excellent reference and resource for the modeler. Its most reasonable price makes it a true bargain as well. Most highly recommended. 

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Thanks to Aero Research for the review  book.

September 2016


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