Aero Research's Biz Jets #3


Jay Sherlock


Aero Research Co




Scott Van Aken

Notes: PdF Download # 5017

Next up is the third of Aero Research's titles on Biz Jets. One thing I noticed is that every one of them has podded engines on the aft fuselage and all but the Jetstars have two engines. In amongst the standard operators you will find some airline proficiency trainers, and  a few government aircraft, but the majority are those owned by corporations and by other operators.

Probably the star of this collection is the Falcon 20 as there are more of this type than any other. You'll still find Jetstars, Cessnas, Sabreliners, BAe 125s and other types in there, all in a nice variety of liveries. It is almost a shame that some enterprising decal maker doesn't do sheets of standard cheat lines and registration fonts, but then, there are not all that many kits out there for general consumption, which is a shame.

In all, it makes for another superbly done selection of airplane eye-candy that will be sure to please the enthusiast.

February 2020

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