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Scott Van Aken

Notes: CD-ROM, Catalogue # 5010

This is an addition to Aero Research's growing catalogue of civil types. Though the CD case photo shows a turboprop, the CD also covers bizjets. There are 165 different images with quite a bit of information on each type provided.

The majority of these are owned by corporations so you will see aircraft owned by Anheuser-Bush, North American Rockwell, Haliburton, and Fram Corporation to name just a few. There are also some owned by governments such as the FAA and the State of Virginia. You'll even find some flown by various air services. The majority of them, however, seem to be owned by energy companies and in particular oil companies.

You'll see everything from early Lear Jets to larger Viscounts and CV-480s. Sabreliners, Citations, and Falcons are also in the mix. In other words, a bit of everything. It all makes for a most interesting CD that those who like Biz-Aircraft will enjoy. Interestingly, the majority of these were photographed at San Francisco, though there are some from other locales as well and some of these are non-US registration.

I know I liked it and I am equally sure that you will as well.

September 2016


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