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Scott Van Aken

Notes: CD-ROM, Catalogue # 4009

This latest CD from Aero Research is a special release to cover the S-2, E-1 and C-1 aircraft. The S-2 was the USN's first single airframe ASW aircraft and was developed into their first dedicated carrier based airborne early warning aircraft, the E-1. A cargo/transport version, the C-1 was also developed from the same base airframe and served for many years.

This CD is one of Aero Research's largest with 193 images, many of them black and white, of these aircraft. You not only get Navy types, but also those used as fire bombers, those of foreign air forces, those used by other government agencies and those flying as warbirds. Each image is large and is listed by type then serial number. The location and date, if known, are also included on the image's data. I like the subject as I was with VR-30, later VRC-30 and spent several years maintaining the aircraft. For the modeler, there are several good kits of this aircraft in the two major scales. Well worth picking up.

In all, it makes for a great photo reference on the type and should inspire some interesting schemes for those who like to model this aircraft.

Here is a bonus photo from my collection.

January 2017

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