Aero Research's T-6 Racers 1989/97


Jay Sherlock


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Scott Van Aken

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This latest CD from Aero Research continues with their series on T-6 Racers. This time, it is from 1989-97. The T-6 is a popular racer since so many of them are around and it is fun to get out and zoom around the pylons. It is also neat to hear them as they are not exactly speedy, probably slower than an Indy Car, but hearing those straining engines is still cool and the competition is close.

In line with the other Racer CDs, this one goes by the year. What this means is that if a plane participated in all the events, it will be in here for all the years. Often these planes had changes between races, though not as frequently as the unlimiteds.

Several things I noticed. Most had the later canopies with minimal framing and the single piece rear section was very common. Some also had a single piece windscreen. Many planes were painted just for racing while others were in some sort of military scheme. A few tried to be true to what the real plane had worn while others were way out in left field and it was obvious that the owner just wanted a scheme he liked and to hell with reality!

In all, it makes for a great record of the T-6 racers during this time period and if you like warbirds, you'll like this one.

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Thanks to Aero Research for the review CD.

October 2017


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