Aero Research's Helos Pt.2


Jay Sherlock


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Scott Van Aken

Notes: PdF, Catalogue # 1092. CD available

Aero Research presents their second collection of helos for us. Helicopters are so ubiquitous that we often don't see them just like we pay little attention to other cars on the Interstate. However, they have grown considerably in the military from an interesting experiment in the 40s to the complex and capable aircraft of today.

This edition covers a wide variety of helicopters from around the world though most of them are from the various branches of the US military. You won't find page after page of UH-1 as you might think, but a wide variety of types. I found that there were helos from the early days until the 1980s and 90s. A large number of images are of the various types of H-3, surely one of the most often used larger helos to have seen service.

As usual, you get over 150 images with as much information as is known provided with the image. I review the PdF version as it saves on shipping costs and I can easily save the images to my computer. The CD is also available if you wish it. 

Aero Research is converting its previous editions to PdF format, but that will not happen overnight. There is a real benefit from PdF files for overseas buyers as one does not pay shipping. Check their website for the latest conversions.

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Thanks to Aero Research for the review CD.

October 2020

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