Aero Research's USN/USMC A-4 Skyhawks Pt.5


Jay Sherlock


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Scott Van Aken

Notes: PdF, Catalogue # 1089

Aero Research presents their fifth offering on the very popular A-4 Skyhawk. Douglas really hit a homer with this one and the type is still in service and a very capable ground attack platform. This particular disc has the usual eye candy you find with these products. This time the subject is more biased towards second line units. This means things like aggressor squadrons, training units, test and evaluation squadrons as well the reserves. In the latter case, this is the USMC reserves. There are also a smattering of front line units in there as well.

The over 150 images cover a wide swath of camouflage schemes and units. Each of the 7.20 x 4.70 inch images on the Pdf is listed with the unit, serial number and location of the photo if that information is available. You will find that these images are smaller than on the CD. That is because you simply cannot send 190MB or so of images via e-mail where 20MB is generally the max. So you get two e-mails to cover each disc. This is a real boon to overseas buyers as shipping is prohibitive for a disc and non-existent for PdFs.

If you want this on CD it will be $12.95 plus shipping so visit their web site for more information.

Aero Research is converting its previous editons to PdF format, but that will not happen overnight. There is a real benefit from PdF files for overseas buyers as one does not pay shipping.

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Thanks to Aero Research for the review CD.

January 2020

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