Aero Research's Museum and Display Aircraft #3


Jay Sherlock


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Scott Van Aken

Notes: CD-ROM, Catalogue # 1073

Not surprisingly, a goodly number of the images are from major collections. In this case, the museums at March AFB, Pima, Castle AFB, Hill AFB, and Pensacola are quite prominent. Many of these are from the 1970s and so the planes at that time were mostly unrestored. There are also the usual planes on poles from various parts of the US and I was quite pleased to see a number of entries from outside the US. There were even a few 'before and after' images that showed the same aircraft in different schemes. Also in the mix are some with totally bogus markings. Not sure why this is done as these planes are so easy to research, but it does happen.

The disc includes 160 images  with the files arranged alphabetically starting with A-4 and concluding with YO-3A at the Army Aviation museum.

In line with others each of the large images contains as much information as is know about the subject, including location and date. In addition to being listed alphabetically, they are also listed by serial number.

In all, it is another really nice photo disc from Aero Research and well worth picking up. 

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Thanks to Aero Research for the review CD.

May 2018

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