Aero Research's World Wide Military #6


Jay Sherlock


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Scott Van Aken

Notes: CD-ROM, Catalogue # 1067

This disc from Aero Research covers a wide variety of aircraft types that have served in non-US air forces. It is interesting to see these as the modern military seems to have been reduced to just a few types, as much due to expense as anything else.

There are 166 large images of Canberras, F-104s, F-86s, various transports and liaison types. There area also Hawks, Hunters and Harriers as well as Lightnings and P-3s. A goodly number of commemorative paint schemes are included making this a very diverse collection of aircraft.

These are all arranged by type with as much information about the aircraft and location as is known. One image that struck me was on a South Vietnamese B-57 and that was how much overspray there was between the camouflage colors.

In all, it is another really nice photo disc from Aero Research and well worth picking up. 

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October 2016

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