Aero Research's Museum & Display Aircraft 2


Jay Sherlock


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Scott Van Aken

Notes: CD-ROM, Catalogue # 1063

This latest CD from Aero Research continues with their series on museum and display aircraft. When one gets around to it, the number of aircraft in these venues is truly staggering. I would say there are thousands of these aircraft either in good museum, in those that are struggling, on poles or concrete in city parks, outside various veteran's groups or on/near airfields around the world.

In this one, we find a considerable number of these aircraft from Pima, Castle, Grissom, March, Hill, USAF and USN museums, Army museums, and a number of other places including some overseas. There are quite a few Spitfires shown in the overseas locations, and I think these are fiberglass replica that were used to replace the real deal after they were rescued for either a return to flight or for a museum. Same goes for a few other aircraft which are no longer at the location given.

Each of the 161 large images contains as much information as is known about the aircraft. This disc is listed by alphabetical order starting with A-1 and ending with YRF-84. Many of the planes have been repainted in accurate schemes while some are not. The end result is a very interesting collection of these old birds.

As a bit of a bonus, here is a photo of four display planes at Hickam AFB back in 1982.

Like the other products of Aero Research, this one is a disc of eye candy that will be appreciated by modelers and fans of the aircraft alike.

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January 2017

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