Frontline's German Military Vehicles in the Spanish Civil War

Author/Artists: Jose Mata, Lucan Molina, Jose Manrique




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Scott Van Aken

Notes: 240 pages, lots of photos and illustrations, 7 x 9.8, Hardbound, ISBN 978-1-4738-7883-9

Most of us are aware that the Spanish Civil War was used as a testing ground for military equipment by Italy, Germany, and the Soviet Union. In addition both sides in the conflict bought equipment from whomever would sell it to them. However, it is the German involvement that was the most organized.

Due to the somewhat low level of the conflict (compared to the conflagration of 1939-45), the absolute best was not supplied to Spanish forces, and this was true of vehicles. The best aircraft were used, but they, for the most part, stayed under control of the various nations, though much was turned over at the end of the conflict in 1939.

This book is as much a photo book as it is a history of the conflict and does dedicate itself to vehicles that were used. As you would expect, it includes armored vehicles, but even more the 'softskin' vehicles such as a wide variety of truck and automobile types.

Covered within the pages are a brief history of the German involvement, the training of the Spanish operators, a look at the various non-armor vehicles operated by Panzer units and those that were operated by the Luftwaffe. The listing is quite complete, but the real treat of this book are the hundreds of period photos of the vehicles in question and some of the people associated with their operation and training. Also provided are several pages of full color art work and insight into the various unit and uniform badges.

It is a great reference for the enthusiast and an equally useful book for those who are interested in the Spanish Civil War. To my knowledge there has been no other book like this one before and it is one that I can easily recommend to you.

February 2020

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