Casemate's US Army Vehicle Markings 1944

Author/Artists: Jean Bouchery & Phillipe Charbonnier




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Scott Van Aken

Notes: 160 pages,  hardcover, over 300 photos and 200 illustrations. 8x 10 inches.
ISBN: 9781612007373

Those of us who build military models, and by that I mean things that operate on tracks or wheels, generally pay no attention at all to the various serials and codes that are supplied on the decal sheet. It all looks like some sort of code and is, for the most part, indecipherable to us.

Casemate has come to the rescue of those of us who would like to know what all that means. There really is a plan to these things and isn't something that was just made up on the spur of the moment. By reading the serial numbers one can determine the exact classification of the vehicle. Then information painted on the bumpers or other parts of the vehicle provide more information, including the exact unit to which the vehicle is assigned. There is even a section included that deciphers the color coded unit serial of the vehicle.

Though the book has the date of 1944 on the cover, the authors have provided background material and information prior to that. Basically it covers units that operated in Europe after the D-day operation of June 1944. This is the area of real interest and it is very well covered.

In addition to OT&E charts that provide code information, there are also sections on common markings and the previously mentioned one on specific unit markings. This is not just a book of lists, but provides hundreds of period photo examples of each of the sections. I've reproduced one page to give you an example. The photos alone should be an inspiration to modelers and there are a goodly number in color, which is a treat.

In all, this is an excellent, easy to use reference that is a 'must have' for the enthusiast and modeler alike.

August 2019

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