Amber's Japanese Aircraft of World War II

Author/Artists: Thomas Newdick




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Scott Van Aken

Notes: 128 pages, hardbound, 6.75 x 8.5 inches.
ISBN 978-1-782744740

Touted as a technical guide, this book covers fighters, bombers, seaplanes, as well as jet and rocket powered aircraf that were operated by both the IJAAF and IJNAF during WWII and the China conflict before. There are a goodly number of full color profiles as well as period photographs. There are also several cutaways of some of the more popular types along with descriptions of the parts therein. A section is included that titled 'Specifications and Data'. This is further divided into sections on Types and Variants that include the number built. A section on Allied code names for Japanese planes, a look into the naming and numbering systems used by both the Air Force and Navy which includes a chart for Naval aircraft that provide mission and the various types operated under each mission category.

I would consider this to be more of a primer on these types than any sort of detailed compendium. To be sure, the information provided is informative and for those who don't know the difference between an A6M2 type 22 and A6M2 type 32 or just need something for a quick reminder, then this one is perfect. Not all the sections have photographs, but every type listed has at least one color profile. The final section is a bit unique in regard to the rest of the book as it is the only place that you'll find prototype aircraft. Types that were prototyped in the other sections, such as the Ki-106 or perhaps the Ki-83 or J5N, all of which reached flight status, as well as some of the lesser operated types like the Ki-102 are not included at all.  Perhaps those are being left for another edition that would include training and transport aircraft.

The end result is a book that is useful for all the fully operational types so listed and as such is what makes it such a fine primer on Japanese WWII aircraft. Recommended for those 'getting their feet wet' into the subject.

March 2017

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