Air Doc's TaktLwG 73 'Steinhoff' Volume 2


Daniel Kehl


AirDOC, 2019


Scott Van Aken


Softcover, 64 pages. ADL 012
ISBN: 978-3-935687-24-9

This is the second volume in the history of TaktLwG 73 and covers the Phantom years. After a fairly short time with the G.91, it was decided to equip the wing with the F-4F Phantom II which was a true multi-role fighter. It was capable in both the air to air and air to ground roles so the two squadrons were specialized for a time with one taking the interceptor role while the other kept moving mud.

Conversion training was done at George AFB with the 20th TFTS, a unit that was tasked with this job until the Phantom left the Luftwaffe inventory. The inclusion of the F-4 also required the two villages next to the base to be relocated as the amount of noise produced by the Phantom was such that there were constant complaints. The wing operated from Pferdsfeld until after the reunification of Germany when it acquired the MiG-29 and moved to Laage. It is here that this volume ends.

The author has divided the book into three distinct time frames. Those are 1975-1979, 1980 - 1989, and 1990-1997. Each of the sections provides a synopsis of the unit's accomplishments, events, and major movements. They also include any information on the upgrading of the aircraft as well as the changes in unit markings and camouflage schemes. The major draw of this and other similar books are, of course, the photos. These have been well chosen and the vast majority are in full color.

In all, it makes for an excellent photo history of the unit and for those who are phans of the Phantom, a must have for your library. As with the previous volume, it is highly recommended.

February 2020

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