Fairey Gannet


Maartin Velek, Michal Ovččk and Karel Susa


4 plus




Scott Van Aken

Notes:  ISBN 978-80-86637-04-4


Always a real delight to be able to read one of the fine books from 4+ Publications. This latest one is on the Fairey Gannet. Not exactly the sort of fast, sleek aircraft most think of when thinking of military planes, but the Gannet was an important part of the Royal Navy's carrier-borne battle against the submarine for five years. It was replaced by  the helicopter in this regard, though many in the FAA thought it was rather hastily removed from service. Helos are nice, but cannot get on station as quickly as a dedicated fixed wing ASW platform, something the US Navy is discovering now that the S-3 Viking has been retired.

In case you have never read a 4+ book, each one starts off with a nice history of the type written in English and in a rather small font. The development of the aircraft and the salient features of each sub-type are also covered, though I should mention that the Gannet COD and AEW versions are not included in this volume, only the Antisubmarine/Strike versions.

Then there is a chart of technical specs and a listing of aircraft ordered and those produced, including serials, where they were delivered and other notes of interest. Then follows the heart of the book. Lots and lots of superbly done photographs. All nice and crisp and covering all the units and countries that flew the aircraft.

There are three full pages of color profiles as well as four full pages of color photos; both of operational and preserved airframes. The second half of the book consists of detail images. Some from preserved planes, but many from technical manuals and factory photographs. A real treat for the detailer as all is clearly shown. There is a section on stores along with a chart of what can be carried. Finally in the very back of the book are two additional and separate sheets. One is a superb set of 1/72 plans of the two variants covered in the book, while the other is a full spread photograph of Gannets flying past their carrier, the HMS Ark Royal in 1955 (though I note the tail codes are 'O' which I thought were for the HMS Ocean). On the back cover is a full color photo of one of the German Gannets.

All in all a superlative publication that provides everything the modeler and enthusiast need on this important, but often neglected aircraft. A book that I can most heartily recommend.

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June 2007

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