KIT: Sweet 1/144 Bf-109F-4 'Summer Version'
KIT #: 15
PRICE: $11.00 on discount from a vendor. Your price may vary
DECALS: five options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Rebox


Probably the finest version of the 109 from a pilot's standpoint was the F version. It had the power of the highest rated DB 601 around, a redesigned and more aerodynamic airframe and a good armament of a nose cannon and two 7.92mm machine guns. It was not yet bogged down by additional armor, systems, and wing mounted weapons, making it relatively easy to fling about the sky. Not quite on a par with the Spitfire as the 109 was never that maneuverable. Those of you who have played flight simulations can attest to that fact.


 This is yet another boxing of the Sweet 109F-4 kit. This time, the subject is Barbarossa 'Summer Version' and so this one includes markings for five aircraft. The camouflage given to aircraft in many units was somewhat unique and definitely not standardized. Several of these neat schemes are provided on the decal sheet. Instead of showing the sheet, I've included a scan of the decal placement guide so that you can see just what is available in this boxing.

It's the markings that make this kit as the plastic itself, though in a light grey this time, is the same in all of the Sweet 109F kits to date. One thing to note is that some of the planes on this sheet are F-2 variants and on the back of the box, complete with cute anime characters showing the differences, are those salient features that make the F-2 different from the F-4. Fortunately, none of the fixes are difficult and can be made by just about any modeler. Though the explanations are in Japanese, the pictures are quite specific and should cause no problems.

The large decal sheet is superbly done and has more than enough markings to do the two kits included in the box.


If you think I like these kits, you are quite correct. They are superbly done and though the box art of most isn't to everyone's taste, to me they add something different from the norm and add to the attraction of the kit. Regardless, these are great little models and deserve to be on your shelf.

Once again, thanks to me for this one.

July 2007

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