Pegasus Hobbies 1/48 FW-190A-3

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REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: EZ Snapz kit



The Fw 190 became the backbone of the Jagdwaffe (Fighter Force), along with the Bf 109. On the Eastern Front, the Fw 190 was versatile enough to use in Schlachtgeschwader (Battle Wings or Strike Wings), specialised ground attack units which achieved much success against Soviet ground forces. As an interceptor, the Fw 190 underwent improvements to make it effective at high altitude, enabling it to maintain relative parity with its Allied opponents. The Fw 190A series' performance decreased at high altitudes (usually 6,000 m (20,000 ft) and above), which reduced its effectiveness as a high-altitude interceptor, but this problem was mostly rectified in later models, particularly in the Junkers Jumo 213 inline-engine Focke-Wulf Fw 190D series, which was introduced in September 1944. In spite of its successes, it never entirely replaced the Bf 109.

The first version built in fairly large numbers was the FW-190A-3. It had an improved engine over the earlier variants and so issues with engine fires, while not completely gone, were greatly reduced and provided an airplane that pilots flew with confidence.


Not the first FW-190A-3 to be done, but probably the cheapest. Pegasus Hobby goes for a much different clientele than the other companies. They are aimed more at the youth market (yes, there still is one), and so designs its kits to be easy to put together and quite sturdy. For instance, the alignment pins and holes are huge. This has the down side of the possibility of sink areas on the outside of the part, and you'll find some of those here, despite the super-thick plastic.

The parts are also greatly simplified and often heftier than scale. The main gear legs are a prime example and these have the gear doors molded in place. What seams the kit will have during building are also rather large so you'll need filler to take care of those. However, that does not mean the kit is inaccurate, for it very much has all the various details required to make this a proper FW-190A-3. This includes the proper fin tip and the correct wheels. It also has the proper shorter fuselage. A 'wheels up' option is also provided to enhance play value.

What it doesn't have is a lot of fine detail. For instance, the cockpit is a single piece with a stub control stick. while this one actually has head armor, it has no bracing. There are no main gear retraction struts, though unlike the previous kits I've built of theirs, this one does have a pitot tube and gun barrels, these items being molded in place. The single piece canopy is not as thick as on previous kits, but is not what one would call scale thickness either.

Instructions are easy to follow and the color information is actually provided with RLM numbers. The camo scheme is fictitious, though close. The kit offers both stickers and decals so you don't have to go aftermarket if you do not wish. No swastika is provided.  Apparently the markings are for 'Pips' Priller, though I seriously doubt his score was that high when flying the A-3 variant. 


Despite their intended audience, these kit make into very nice models that even the experienced builder can enjoy putting together. It requires a bit of modeling skill for the older modeler but is a nice way to get a well done shelf model without spending a lot or dealing with small parts.


June 2014

Thanks to me for the preview kit.

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