Hobby Boss 1/72 Bf-110E

KIT #: 80292
PRICE: $17.99 SRP
DECALS: Two options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Easy Assembly new tool kit

Bf 110 E

Mostly fighter bombers, strengthened airframe, up to 1,200 kg (2,650 lb) bombload. The production of the Bf 110 was put on a low priority in 1941 in expectation of its replacement by the Me 210. During this time, two versions of the Bf 110 were developed, the E and F models. The E was designed as a fighter bomber (Zerstörer Jabo), able to carry four 50 kg (110 lb) ETC-50 racks under the wing, along with the centerline bomb rack. The first E, the Bf 110 E-1 was originally powered by the DB 601B engine, but shifted to the DB 601P as they became available in quantity. A total of 856 Bf 110E models were built between August 1940 and January 1942. The E models also had upgraded armour and some fuselage upgrades to support the added weight. Most pilots of the Bf 110E considered the aircraft slow and unresponsive, one former Bf 110 pilot commenting the E was "rigged and a total dog."

Bf 110 E-0
Pre-production version, Daimler-Benz DB 601B engines, pair of ETC50 bomb racks fitted outboard of engines, armament as C-4.
Bf 110 E-1
Production version of E-0, DB 601P engines.

The next addition to Hobby Boss' rather popular line of easy assembly kits is this Bf-110. Though it doesn't state it on the box art, both markings options are for a Bf-110E-1, hence the historical background.

Typical of this line, much of the assembly has been done. The upper fuselage and upper wing are one half with the lower fuselage and lower wing the other. This is somewhat unique in this series where most kits have a single piece wing. Trapped between them is an interior with a floor, two seats and two control sticks. This isn't prototypical as the back seat guy didn't have a control stick and did not have a proper seat with back. The horizontal tailplane is a single piece that fits atop the fuselage and has the two fins attach to the ends.

The engines are proper 'power eggs' that are a one-piece cowling onto which the exhaust and prop/spinner are attached. A hefty landing gear has a separate wheel and there are separate gear doors. An ADF sense and loop antenna are included and there are also small aileron mass balances to fit in place.

Markings are for two planes. One is the box art plane in 71/02/65 wtih 5.ZG 76 based in Norway during late 1941. The other is an all black night fighter with 7./NJG4 in early 1942 based in Frankfurt. Decals are nicely done and should work well with most setting solutions.


Now I am sure that there are those who wonder why another 1/72 110E, especially when both Airfix and Eduard have relatively new kits and the Airfix is cheaper. Well, it is all the market audience and these easy assembly kits are not targeted at the same builders that the other companies are vying for. The simplified nature of the cockpit will keep the detail fans away from them as well as the lack of bombs that are the norm for this aircraft. Those who want a kit that goes together without any real fuss and are not concerned about total fidelity are going to like to have this one added to their collection.



July 2013

Thanks to Squadron Products for the preview kit. You can find this kit at your favorite hobby shop or on-line retailer.

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